“We are like dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants; thanks to them, we see farther than they. Busying ourselves with the treatises written by the ancients, we take their choice thoughts, buried by age and human neglect, and we raise them, as it were, from death to renewed life.”

We have often been encouraged in our pursuit of holiness and joy in Christ by other Christians who share how they are learning and growing. We hope to do that with this site. You will see very little of our own ideas. Instead, we will post regularly from the resources that we are reading. We hope that you are encouraged to learn and grow by how God is teaching us.

Soli Deo Gloria

Aaron BrowningAaron Browning

I am the Preaching Pastor at Northwest Bible Church in the suburbs of Minneapolis, husband of Katlyn, and father of three gorgeous girls. Besides reading, I enjoy watching movies with my wife, golf, buffalo wings, and Cleveland sports.

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Tyler ETyler Eason

I serve at Northwest Bible Church as the Pastoral Assistant. God has blessed me richly with my wife and daughter. I am also a student finishing up my M.Div. at Central Seminary. I enjoy reading theology, sci-fi, biographies, and history.

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